Advanced Systems

Audio Visual Events

Advanced systems has a vast inventory of audio, sound, video and lighting systems to work for you. With many years of experience and a specialized trained staff, your event ideas can be realized, on budget.

Press Conferences

If you want to launch a new product or need to reach out to the media we can help.  With indoor and outdoor systems we can supply your sound and lighting as well as staging to help your event.

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Sound, light, translation, and video services for events both on site and the offsite extras.   

Trade Shows

Flat screen displays, trade show sound systems, booth lighting

Concerts / Stage Performances / Outdoor

Sound and Lighting for live entertainment and Guest DJ performances.

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Wide Screen and Projection Projects

Custom sized screens showing stunning multiple media formats and presentations.

Video walls

Nine LED wide screens that can create a picture bright enough to viewed in full light.  Can be used as one large screen or smaller groups or blocks of screens.

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Translation Equipment

Interpretation Equipment and operators.  Both RF and IR systems with multi language capabilities.


Presidential style teleprompter systems with reflective glass mirrors to deliver the speech for your presenter.

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